Founder & Owner

Born in the mid 70s in Pittsburgh, PA from the beginning Damien was always a bit different from everyone else.  Although this sounds cliché it is nothing but the truth.  He never seemed to fit in but always had a very close friend or two while growing into the person he is today.  Since 9th or 10th grade he aspired to be an entrepreneur and continuously worked to be different from the rest of the crowd.  This was only fitting because he wasn’t much into compromise then, and this personality trait remains.  By the time he was a teen he fully embraced who he was and very little bothered him when it came to other peoples’ opinions about him. 

Our Mascot



The panda (kokaboo™) is the symbol that represents the relationship between Damien and his mother Dawn Teresa.  The panda was Dawn Teresa’s favorite animal during her time here on this plane.  She would often have some type of panda ornament, jewelry, artwork, or item of clothing on or nearby her.  After Dawn Teresa’s transition to ancestry Damien decided to pay homage to her by creating an intimate and personal symbol to represent her life.  This symbol will forever be part of the kokabing™ brand and symbolizes the unwavering love and support given by Dawn Teresa.